Bluetooth and Office Headset Repair for Plantronics, Sennheiser, GN Netcom, Jabra, and More

Do you have office headsets that are serious need of repair? Merritt Communications can take those old non-working headsets and transform them to like new condition! Some of our customers have even called us the Headset Doctor because we cure the ills of ailing headsets. It doesn’t matter how old or what kind of headsets you have, we can likely repair most anything you have from wired to wireless models! So give us a call today.

Quick Tips About Our Headset Repair Service


Merritt Communications provides you with a fast and affordable headset repair service!

  • Savings of 60% or More Over Buying New
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Quality Headset Repairs
  • Includes Most Parts and Accessories
  • Standard 3 Month Warranty

Unlike some of our competitors, we repair almost any type of headset whether it’s a wired or wireless model, even amplifiers. So if you are thinking about having your headsets repaired look no further than Merritt Communications. We’ve been providing headset repair services for nearly two decades.  Every headset repaired will include the typical replacement parts and will be professionally cleaned and packaged resulting in your headset looking and performing like new again!

If that isn’t enough, consider that new headsets will cost at least 50% more when compared to repairing vs. replacing. With the economy the way it is today, the bottom line has never been more important. With a standard 3 month warranty you can rest assured that we not only deliver a quality service and stand behind our warrany, but we have the experience and expertise to meet or exceed your expectations.

Having your headsets repaired by Merritt Communications is an easy and simple process. You can call (866-939-3663 X 6095) or email us from the form below and we will get back to you within 1 business day with a repair estimate. Prices start at around $29.95 depending on the exact needs of your repair.

Once your headsets are received, we typically complete the repair work within 3-4 days and then ship them back to you.  So our process is quick, efficient and affordable saving you time and money.

So start saving money today by calling or emailing us for a no cost, no obligation headset repair estimate.  We promise to do the best possible job for you in lowering your costs while delivering high quality services.

Call (866)929-3663 For Headset Repair Info Today!

E-Mail our highly trained staff and get a response within 1 business day.

  • To ensure an accurate quote, Please include all applicable headset makes and model numbers.

For Affordable Quality Headset Repairs choose Merritt Communications

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